Do you want to buy Fastrack watch for men? Are you searching for the best Fastrack watch for men available online? Read this post to get our recommended best Fastrack watch for men currently available.

The Titan Company is an Indian watchmaker that brought about a transition of sorts to the watch industry when it introduced its futuristic quartz technology which was complemented by its international styling.

Fastrack is a youth-based brand that has, in addition to watches, sunglasses, bags, wallets, belts and helmets. The men’s watches are classic timepieces and are retailed through different collections like casual, party, sport and tees.

From a wide range of variety, here we put a selective list of 10 best Fastrack watch for men. In this session, we consider the different effective aspects of the watch. These are look, band material, band colour, dial colour, dial style etc.

List Of 10 Best Fastrack Watch For Men

1. Fastrack Big Time Analog White Dial Men’s Watch

  • This is the perfect watch for those who prefer a stylish look with brown leather band.
  • In addition, the watch comes with a round shaped and white colour dial.
  • There are three sub-dials on it. One for the minute, another for the second and one more for showing the day.
  • Since it is a water-resistant watch you can use it daily, but do not use it when diving or swimming as the water will have adverse effects on your watch.

2. Fastrack Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch

  • If you want to have a blue color watch in a pocket-friendly budget, then you can go for it.
  • The watch comes with a stainless steel case material which makes it sturdy and ideal for long use.
  • The dial is round in shape and is blue in color which looks very pleasing to eyes. It has minute markers on it so that you can note the time at a glance when you are in rush.

3. Fastrack Party Analog White Dial Men’s Watch

  • If you are looking for a stylish watch for regular office use, then you can go for it.
  • This trendy watch from Fastrack runs on a quartz movement. It is fast and swift.
  • This one is perfect for all occasions. In addition, you can gift this smart looking watch to a friend of yours.

4. Fastrack Analog Grey Dial Men’s Watch

  • If you prefer grey colour dial, then this Fastrack watch is just perfect for you. In addition, the watch comes with stainless steel band.
  • It is an analog watch with quartz type watch movement.
  • In addition, this watch comes with one year warranty from the fastrack company.

5. Fastrack Midnight Party Dual Time Analog Grey Dial Men’s Watch

  • It is an another stylish grey colour luxury watch with a price around Rs 3500.
  • The  dual time case inspired by speakers, the dark dials have a minimalist look with hints of colour.
  • The large, sporty, chunky watch has a look which can transform from a casual day wear to a cool party look.

6. Fastrack His and Her Chronograph Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

  • If you prefer black big dial, then you can go for it.
  • This Fastrack men’s watch comes with a sophisticated black leather strap with a buckle clasping system to offer maximum comfort and a firm hold.
  • This Fastrack watch offers the hour, minute and the second display with its skeletal hour and minute hands and deep red seconds hand. Also, it is water resistant and can withstand up to 50 m of water.

7. Fastrack Analog Green Dial Men’s Watch

  • If you want to buy some abstract and creative model, then you can consider this.
  • The dial colour of the Fastrack watch is green.
  • Additionally, you can team up with both casual and formal wear.

8. Fastrack Bikers Analog White Dial Men’s Watch

  • This is an another abstract looking very stylish looking Fastrack watch for men. However, the company considers this watch specific for bikers.
  • The band material is brown colour pure leather.
  • Apart from good looks, this timepiece boasts the best features. The white colour dial and asymmetrical shape of the case make the watch look stunning.

9. Fastrack Party Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

  • If you prefer square type black model with stainless steel band, you can go for it.
  • The case material of the watch is made of stainless steel. The strap material is made of a unique substance that is a hybrid of metal and plastic.
  • The dial is rectangular in shape, grey and black in colour and has a sub-dial as well while the colour of the strap is silver and black. There are two sets of numerals on the dial – one in orange and the other in white.

10. Fastrack Chronograph White Dial Men’s Watch – 38002PP01

  • If you want to buy a complete white watch with both white band and dial, then you can go for it.
  • This watch draws its inspiration from sports cars and their instruments.
  • In addition, the watch comes with heavy duty designs, rugged looks, shock resistant, water resistant and paired with a heavy duty silicon strap.

We craft this list keeping in mind the lifestyle of the people of today. We hope this list of 10 best Fastrack watch will help you in finding the best watch for you.

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